The Best Way to Find a Roof Cleaning Company

Let’s face it, roof cleaning? Not always at the forefront of our minds when it comes to housework but just like the soffits and fascias, they all need some love and care! Roof cleaning can be a bit of a daunting task to undertake for anyone, so we’ve made this guide to help you on the way to having a clean roof. If you have the budget, it is always a good idea to hire professional roof cleaners.

One big point we always make is that any professionals working on your property should have their own level of insurance and bonding, this should also include liability insurance in case of injuries that may occur as it could end up costing you money if they do not have this insurance! They will also be proactive to risks and ensure that as they could be up on your roof using a 4000-psi pressure washer to clean it, they will be mindful of any issues or problems that may occur and will communicate with you about how these can be minimised to do their job safely. 

A great search tool for finding local tradespeople for roof cleaning is Checkatrade, with their feedback system provided by previous customers of each company it gives you the option to search for companies and tradespeople local to your postcode. With the added benefits of being able to check what their ratings are from other customers; it can give you a good sense of mind when it comes to choosing the right one for the job. There is also an option to check the company and insurance status on each landing page to verify all information that you would need for a safe and good job to be done. 

Another service to use is Bark, similarly to Checkatrade they offer custom search options of what job you require and the area you need it in by utilising postcodes for searches. Bark will also ask questions about the job such as what the roof is made of; is the building commercial or domestic and how many storeys high it is, we have found this to be more accurate than Checkatrade as the quotes they will send to you are more tailored saving the need to contact multiple companies or tradespeople. After answering a short list of questions, Bark is then able to filter and gather tailor-made quotes delivered straight to your email inbox which is perfect if you don’t have the time to ring multiple companies and then compare quotes afterwards. 

No matter who you choose to complete the task of cleaning your roof, ensure that they are insured; using the correct safety equipment for being up there and that you have given them optimal working conditions by draining your gutters in advance and scheduling a time for them to work where the weather isn’t too hot or cold for any cleaning solutions being used. This will speed up the process and make it as smooth as possible for those coming to work for you and last but not least, enjoy having a clean roof!