The big features of a mini excavator that make it a winner on site

The humble mini excavator is one of the most popular pieces of machinery found on any site due to its versatility, simple functions, safety levels, and the power it packs for such a relatively small construction equipment. For a smaller version of a traditional piece of equipment, mini excavators have some big features, making it so popular with customers of plant hire services throughout the country.

Plenty of attachments

One of the things that makes the mini excavator such a versatile and popular plant hire option is that it comes with a wide range of mini excavator attachment options. Having the option to switch the bucket attachments to adapt to the specific tasks in front of you is always beneficial. It helps you to maximise and streamline performance, to improve standards, and ensures that you always have the correct piece of equipment to hand during a project.

Small in size but big in movement

The mini excavator is clearly named because of its size in comparison to a traditional excavator, and this means that it is a great fit for even the smallest of sites and the narrowest of access points. This frees you up on site where you might have felt restricted in what you could do, and it can fit in and still put in a big shift in labour-intensive fashion.

Tracks for effective movement

Most mini excavators come with retractable tracks that make it a slim piece of machinery that helps you with those access points and transit within a site no matter how restrictive and prohibitive space is on site.

Safe, modern cab

Mini excavators are simple and safe to operate, with a spacious cab and the latest in modern tech offered to those hiring mini excavators from plant lease companies. Driver comfort is important, as it helps to operate the machinery with no fuss and decreases the chances of discomfort and subsequent accidents. Instead, safe, efficient work is more likely.

Less noise pollution

Noise levels are a nuisance and potentially dangerous to others working on site. Mini Excavators make less noise than the traditional size, due to the smaller size models. This makes it a safer piece of machinery to have on site.

Less damage

The way a mini excavator functions, covering a much smaller space than a larger excavator, makes it much more likely to be efficient and to cause less damage to the surrounding areas when performing tasks on site.

As you can see, mini excavators provide fantastic functions and a whole host of features and benefits that makes it such a popular item within the plant hire world. If you are looking to hire mini excavators from a plant lease company, always look for one with a good reputation that you can trust to deliver. This will ensure that your construction project runs smoothly, with delivery of mini excavators at the times you need them, including any mini excavator attachments that are used to increase and enhance the versatility in place.