The Importance Of Custom Cabinetry In Dental Office Construction

Cabinets, stretchers, and auxiliary tables: Discover the furniture necessary for the proper functioning of the office Setting up a dental office is not a simple task. After choosing the location, it’s time to think about dental furniture, Choose Custom Cabinetry for Dental Office. Dental furniture is part of the dentist’s routine, just like the equipment used during a dental appointment. Dental furniture is an important part of an office. This is because they help organize and properly preserve dentist work equipment.

The Function Of Dental Furniture

The main function of dental office furniture is to keep the equipment used during a dentist’s daily routine in a clean and safe place. Furthermore, professionals can organize themselves more easily, as they do not have to look for equipment during a service. Several types of dental equipment can be stored in furniture, such as scalpels, photopolymerizes, and radiographic devices.

What Dental Furniture Is Used In Offices?

Among the most popular furniture in dental offices with in Masterdent Group, we can mention:

Office cabinet, which may or may not have built-in sinks, essential for the adequate hygiene of working instruments used during a consultation;

Clinical stretchers;

Auxiliary tables;

Carts for dental equipment

The price of furniture varies according to its size and function. The price of a dental cabinet, for example, can vary between R$900.00 and R$2,500.00.

Types Of Dental Furniture

The furniture in a dental office can be either modular or planned.

Modulated furniture is furniture that is previously assembled. They can be combined with the office space according to your needs. In general, they have a reduced price when compared to custom furniture. However, they cannot be customized.

Custom furniture is made exclusively to fit the size of the dental office and the dentist’s needs. This way, a measurement team visits the space to plan the environment.

Furthermore, they further optimize the dental professional’s work, as they are designed to facilitate the routine in the office.

Dental Furniture For Dental Laboratories

Dental furniture is also extremely important in dental laboratories. The furniture used in this type of laboratory includes chairs, tables, and dental cabinets.

Just like in a dental office, furniture in a prosthesis laboratory provides more comfort to the professional and optimizes their service.

The furniture must be chosen carefully and accurately. This is because inappropriate or uncomfortable furniture can harm the health of the working prosthetist, creating possible posture problems and pain. Also, well-thought-out furniture makes work more agile. This is because the organization they allow makes the professional faster during handling.

Therefore, it is also important to highlight that, as in any work environment, providing a good workplace is crucial for the relationship with the employee.

Look for the most suitable dental furniture for your clinic in specialized stores on the subject, taking into account the importance of its functionality in the day-to-day running of your office.