The Items that must be left behind while moving

There is always last-minute confusion as to what should be packed or left behind when relocating. The items that you have cherished over the years can be hard to let go of as there will be an emotional attachment towards them. The items that are no longer needed can be sold and the money collected from them can be used to pay the transportation charges or the moving cost. Have a look at Long Distance Moving Texas

Getting rid of the clutter while making a move

When you prioritize and simplify your things, moving becomes much easier. If there are any antiques or heirlooms that make your move difficult, you could think of gifting them to any of your friends or relatives. The items that need to be sold can be planned by fixing a garage sale or yard sale for a few days. Weekends can be an ideal time to keep such sales organized.

You could also plan to sell the items online by making use of some popular online websites like eBay, Facebook marketplace, etc. Give a detailed description with attractive pictures of the items that need to be sold. Offer to mail the items or ask them to collect the items in person. Certain items can also be donated to the needy.

The things that are not required when making a move

Make a list of all the essential and nonessential items. Some of the suggestions on the things that you can cut off include:

  1. Bulky items: Certain unused electronic items like DVS, desktop computers, and a huge volume of books can be donated or get rid of it through garage sales.
  2. Clothing: The clothing that you are fond of or the ones that you wear regularly can be packed, all the other excess clothing can be sold or donated.
  3. Papers: All the important documents like birth certificates of family members, marriage certificates, and other financial records must be securely stored. A scanned copy of all these must also be kept.
  4. Old furniture: All your old furniture can be disposed of or donated to any charitable organizations as they are no longer needed in your new home.
  5. Appliances: Any of your old appliances like the dryer, washer, refrigerator, etc can be donated to the charitable trust if they are in working condition.
  6. Garage Junk: Dispose of all the garage junk like fertilizer, insect killer, dangerous chemicals, etc.
  7. Vehicles: Sell off any additional vehicle that is becoming a burden to you as it will help in lowering the transportation cost.

There are also certain things that you need to retain with you when making the move

  1. An emergency bag: This is very essential as it becomes handy. Keep all the necessary items like medicines, clothing, blanket, toothbrush, water, etc that you need for a day or two.
  2. Personal Records: keep all the important documents like the certificates with you safely.
  3. Pet favorites: Moving to a new place can be difficult and stressful for your pets too. Don’t forget to carry all their favorite toys, beds, and leashes with you as they can be helpful for your pets to adjust to a new place.