The Pros and Cons of Converting Your Bathtub into Shower

If you plan on turning your bath into a shower, you’ll need to consider its advantages and disadvantages. Some may be good for your family members, especially for children, but it can be difficult for the elderly.

Freestanding units can be placed anywhere when converting your shower into a bath, as they are finished on all sides. There’s also a wide range of surroundings for design, style, material and tile. Besides these, there are also many special features such as air jets, and whirlpool versions.

This can however be difficult for the elderly and those with disabilities to get in and out. Besides that, it consumes a lot of space and requires a lot of water. It requires a water heater with a capacity sufficient to fill the tub with hot water. It can be time-consuming to fill a tub and bathe too.

On the other hand, converting your shower into a bathtub can lessen water consumption It also gives easy access to people with mobility problems. It can be configured using grab bars, non-slip tiles and benches. Most importantly, multiple high-end features are available, such as rain showers, jets, and steam options.

In contrast, converting your shower into a bathtub is not ideal for a household with children. Cleaning and maintenance of the shower doors is required to keep them from visible lime and calcium stains. Leaks can be a pain to resolve. They must be properly set, properly glued, and allowed to dry for the proper amount of time-do not cause a long time to bathe.

Converting your bathtub into a shower can be ideal if you just want a quick body clean-up but if you want to relax more, you definitely need a bathtub.

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And for more information about the pros and cons of converting your bathtub into a shower, check out this infographic.