The Right Options for the Interior Design for Your Apartment

The dream of every resident of a house or apartment is to have a planned, well-resolved and aesthetically pleasing environment that reflects the spirit of the inhabitant, that can represent its principles and values, and that makes him happy.

The search for this happiness is what moves a crowd of people in search of ideas, simple creative, trends and news in the segment of architecture, decoration and interior design.

We offer in this article some precious tips, from the perspective of architecture and environment planning, so that your decoration obtains the best possible results.

List of needs

Many searches begin with images of environments decorated and planned by decorators from various segments of the public, from alternative decoration and furniture reuse to the high luxury standard. However, before feeding the dream of decoration, it is important to plan intervention needs for the environment to be decorated.

The illustration below is a pyramid drawing that seeks to segment the needs and rank them according to the importance of the whole house.

The Good Home Pyramid

Consider the pyramid as a whole, your home. The house is the harmonious combination of elements of architecture, construction, interior design and decoration. Making a vertical reading, from bottom to top, the best decoration (top) is one that is on a well-resolved base, that is, between architectural, constructive and design issues. Choose the best interior design for the perfect results.

So, the first tip is to check your need for the base and ask yourself, do we need to do any basic intervention in the environment, such as demolition, expansion or modification of the use of space? Will there be any consistent changes in building structures and facilities?

Project hierarchy

Considering the need for intervention in the environment, it must be considered that basic interventions cannot be neglected, under the risk of “collapsing the pyramid”, that is, generating an imbalance in your project.

Imagine that you bought a large chandelier for your living room and did not consider whether the slab would withstand the extra effort or if the electrical installation was undersized. It is a typical situation that will incur an extra cost that was not planned and could compromise your budget.

Check the basic conditions of your construction before implementing your decoration. We strongly recommend consulting a qualified professional to assess the environment. This will do well for your pocket.

Choose the most suitable professional

Knowing the scope and delimiting the performance of each professional, it is necessary to check the guarantees that each service is able to give according to the level of intervention in the environment to receive the new decoration.