The Two Popular Types of Sliding Doors


The way doors are made today is very different from the way they were made a couple of decades ago. From simple types of woods to high-end glass, modern doors are constructed using many different materials and in different types. However, one of the most fashionable and popularly used is the sliding doors. Sliding door suppliers Perth deliver this type of doors is commonly utilized in commercial buildings, offices, and hotels.

Today, people have started using them at homes though the number is still less than the number of people using these doors in commercial places.

The sliding doors open horizontally on a track. So, the track present at the door is responsible for the sliding facility. The main reason a lot of people opt for the sliding door is that they increase room space. There are a lot of types of sliding doors available today for commercial and home places like Pocket doors, Arcadia, and Bypass. These bring glamour and unmatched prestige to your home.

Presently, we have two types of sliding doors in the market. These are:

Top hung Sliding Doors

Top hung sliding doors are the most popularly preferred type of sliding doors. They are utilized in homes as well as commercial places. Two trolley hangers are utilized in handing the door at the top. He hangers take all the weight of the door, making it easy for the door to slide without issues.

Track stoppers are put on the hidden tracks on both sides. They help in holding the doors at both ends of the track. This system, however, has a maximum weight limit, which depends on the trolley hangers put in place. For this reason, most sliding door suppliers Perth provide door weights because the door size matters when it comes to top hung doors.

Extra guides are utilized in preventing the door from swinging sideways. The clear threshold guiding is the most commonly utilized type. This happens to be a plastic guide that is put to the surface primarily in the mid-range of the track to prevent it from swinging side by side. ‘s the same case with glass doors.

There’s a groove that’s cut at the bottom and installed above the guide. Most sliding doors are made from glass to prevent lateral movements on it. The glass sliding doors run through the guide, which allows easy movements.

Bottom Rolling Doors

This is one type of door that sliding door suppliers Perth deal with. The doors are utilized in cases where the top hung doors can’t be used because of weight issues and among other reasons. There are two rollers fixed at the bottom of the door. These rollers help the door to move efficiently on the track. At the same time, the rollers are guided on the same channel using the guides situated at the top.

That way, all the weight of the door is subjected to the two rollers at the bottom. That makes it harder to open and close, which is the primary reason why most people prefer the top hung sliding doors.

Final Words

You’re free to customize your sliding door to match your needs. If you want a wooden sliding door, you can choose from oak, pine, and other types of wood. Usually, both top and bottom hung sliding doors will easily slide to allow you to access both sides of the room area or closet. If you simply prefer a sliding door that opens nicely to a room, you can easily have the sliding door suppliers Perth deliver so that only one side slides open.

Most of these doors for the interior aren’t mostly made of glass-like most exterior door does. That’s particularly true for areas like closets where glass isn’t necessary. However, you’re free to choose the style of the sliding door you want to install depending on your needs. Just speak to the suppliers.