The ultimate guide to choosing the lighting fixture for your home

Lighting can set the mood of any room; it is one of the crucial elements that make your abode a home. Consider function as well as design, when selecting the right light fixtures for your house. Whether you’re planning a simple renovation or decorating a new space, the lighting fixtures have to be chosen carefully. The right lighting lets you to perform tasks easily, creating a comfortable and safer environment.  Here are some inspirations that can help you choose the perfect lighting fixture you’re looking for.


Make a statement in a room by hanging a chandelier. This kind of light fixture is often showy in design; Chandelier in any design – be it glittering with sleek chrome arms or dripping with crystals, it surely draws all attention. It comes in all styles, making grand statements in entries and dining rooms. A sparkling chandelier in bedrooms can even add romance in the private spaces.

Pendant lights

These smaller hanging lights grab attention in a room as their decorative portion hangs down. Perfect for smaller areas or spaces, such as island kitchen that requires direct lighting. To make a big design statement like chandelier, you can as well hang them in a group, provided there is sufficient place.

Ceiling-mount light fixture

Hallways, family rooms, and kitchens deserve a decorative touch when it comes to lighting the space. The ceiling-mount light fixtures are more of subtle design statements that go with other interior designs.

Wall sconces

Task lighting is quite essential in many areas throughout the home like for   showcasing artwork and bathroom mirrors. Think beyond standard options (like spot lights and track lights) and opt for wall scones that serve the both the purpose of function and design character. Wall scones can illuminate a hallway in a decorative fashion instead of overhead lighting.

Decorative lighting fixtures

The decorative lighting fixtures in crystal and brass materials with clean-line shapes can convey an elegant treatment. Look for fixtures made from glass, chrome, and steel materials to coordinate with contemporary furnishings.

Each room has specific accent lighting needs; choose the one that reflects your personality.  Personalizing a given space can make your house to stand out among the crowd. If you’re still uncertain about what lighting fixtures to choose, you can contact specialists who can help you in the process.  The lighting fixtures and accessories by Ambienti Design can help you to create a room with vibrant and lively feeling.