Things Involved In A Drain Survey

A drain survey is to examine the drainage system, detect any blockage or defect in the sewage passage. It may seem unimportant, but it is necessary in the long run. A blocked or leaked sewage can cause improbable hazards that may disrupt your living. A faulty drainage system means a damaged waste disposal arrangement. Thus, maintenance of a proper drainage system is mandatory to keep your place clean and hazard-free.

The most convenient way of maintaining your drainage system is to execute a drain survey, preferably a CCTV drain survey. It can provide a detailed picture of your drainage system to detect the fault and location. The development of technology and the efficiency of the drainage engineers have made sewage passage cleaning and repairing easier. Also, these methods are safe and time-saving. Without searching the whole sewage passage, you can see the fault area using various tools.

The Most Preferred Tools Of Drain Survey Are:

  • Waterproof CCTV: These small-sized cameras are suitable to be inserted into the drains. You can enter it to the most difficult site of the drain to examine the damage. As it is waterproof, you can inject it into water flowing pipes too.
  • Access Rods: These are extremely useful as they are flexible. These rods are used to insert and place the camera into the passages. It can help the camera to reach the corners and turns. It assists in detecting faults in any part of the drain.
  • Crawlers: These are controlled by the remote and entered into the difficult parts of the passage. It is capable of effortlessly penetrating congestions and reaching the fault site.
  • Sonar Units: These are devices to be inserted into pipes and see defects in hindered places.

As you can see, the advanced devices can easily detect the sewage problem by conducting a drain survey. All you need to do is to regularly check your drainage system. You may call a drainage engineer and ask to check your drainage passages.

In case you are already facing a problem with your drainage system, call an engineer immediately, inform him of the problem, and let them conduct the survey. The survey and the solutions are reliable as executed by professionals. It is preferred to regularly check your drainage to avoid hazards. A CCTV drain survey is cost-effective and time-saving that can assure you of a well-functioning drainage system. What are you waiting for? Call a drainage engineer now!