Things to Consider Before Building a Shed

Building a new shed is exciting, but there are many choices to make before construction can begin. The type of shed you choose will depend on many factors, such as function, location and surrounding buildings. As well as this, there are other things to consider before building sheds in Perth, including building permissions and council regulations. To help you get started, here are a few things to consider before building a shed.

Function and Location

Determining the function of your shed before construction is important. This can affect the location, size and style of your shed. For example, if you want a shed to be used as vehicle storage you will need it to be large enough and located where access is easy. This means you may want to place it close to your home so that you won’t be walking too far every time you need to access the shed. On the other hand, if your shed is being used as a workshop, placing it as far as possible from the house may be better to reduce noise.

Size and Style

This is closely related to function. The size and style of your shed will be mostly determined by what it will be used for. When choosing the style and size of your shed, there are a lot of options available. When deciding on the size, take into consideration what the purpose of the shed will be. You may also want to look at surrounding buildings to decide on the style and colour of your shed. Colourbond sheds are available in many colours that can blend nicely with your home.

Shed Accessories

Something that you may forget about is the extra features that can be added to improve the function of your shed. Depending on the purpose of your shed, you may want to add storage areas for tools, windows, ventilation or large doors if you’re storing vehicles. Other accessories that you may want to add include insulation. This may be important if you’re storing expensive equipment or will be using the shed for long periods of time.

Building Permits and Permissions

Before going ahead with a new shed, it’s highly recommended to first check with your local council about building permits and permissions. Although many smaller sheds are exempt from building permits, there may be other council rules that you need to be aware of before construction begins. Being aware of any rules or regulations in your area could potentially save a lot of time and money.

Check the Construction Area

Once the size, location and style of your shed has been determined you will want to check the site where the shed will be constructed. Tasks such as clearing the area, removing undergrowth and checking for any possible pests that may infest your new shed. You may also need to trim surrounding trees which helps to prevent pests or animals from accessing the shed roof.

A shed can be an important investment. Before making the commitment to a particular design, making sure you consider all factors that will affect your choice is crucial to ensure you get the most out of your new shed.