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Tips for Improving the Air Quality in Your Home

To have a healthy life, the quality of the air we breathe into our bodies matters. Industrialization, which in other terms is defined as human development, has negatively affected global air quality, leading to an increase in illnesses and deaths. For power plants to generate electricity, for automobiles to move people, and for foods to be processed, carbon and other harmful gases have to be released into the atmosphere. Apart from these gases, dust containing dead and living particles of plants and animals also negatively impacts air quality.

Improve Your Home Air Quality

This article will highlight tips on improving air quality, especially in the homes where most of us spend the best portion of our days.

Keep Windows Open

Over 60% of the air in any house comes through the window. This is to say that the quality and quantity of air in the house heavily depend on how effectively the windows are used. If windows are constantly kept open, air circulation within the house will be easier as fresh air comes in and used air goes out through the windows. When windows are constantly kept closed for any reason, the house tends to get stuffy and unhealthy to live in. The reason is largely due to the lack of exchange of goods and used air between the house and the environment.

Maintain Your Air Duct

Responsible for regulating the home’s air temperature, air ducts play a crucial role in improving air quality. Most homes do neglect the maintenance of their air ducts out of ignorance. This neglect creates room for air ducts to become major carriers of airborne diseases. However, you can’t just stop using air because of its importance you can hire the services of an experienced duct cleaning company to manage and keep your air ducts clean effectively.

Make Room For Indoor Flowers

Plants are the best when it comes to purifying the air and improving its quality. They give your home a natural and refreshing smell – absorbing any toxic substance in the atmosphere. Indoor plants can also serve as a form of home decoration, giving your home a natural, beautiful, and modern look. It would be best to consider indoor plants like palm trees, peace lilies, Aloe vera, and Swiss cheese plants when selecting your preferred indoor plants.

Avoiding Smoking In The House

Smoking is a very dangerous and unhealthy habit, but if you must smoke, it’s safer to do it outdoors. When smoking indoors, can have a devastating effect on people who don’t smoke living in the house. The particles contained in smoke can reside in the house hours after smoking and contaminate not only the air but also the food you eat.

Bottom Line

Healthy living is tied to air quality, so to have a healthy life you must ensure you keep the air quality in your home and office to the best standard. Also, do not forget to change your air filters for improved air quality.