Tips to Repair Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are the common electrical appliances that are widely being used in the world. These fans are used rigorously. The surplus use of ceiling fans may result in some issues and faults that make it enable to work. These faults can be removed by using tips and tricks at home to again get benefits from ceiling fans. Ceiling fan repairing tricks and tips are useful techniques to repair the faulty appliances at home.

There are some problems that can be resolved by these tips to repair ceiling fans at home.

1.          Ceiling Fan Not Working

This is the most common problem that ceiling fans may encounter multiple times during their lifespan. The troubleshooting includes the issues to be resolved but it needs some safety measures to be practiced first. First of all, cut the circuit, switch off the main switch, and remove the battery from the remote. The safety measures should be practiced carefully. Otherwise, you may suffer from a serious safety hazard issue.

The reverse switch should be in a safe position and the connection of electricity should be secure. Power should be checked from breaker to wall. If there are any irregularities in the connection or power supply then you may repair itself by ensuring safety. Otherwise, call for the professional to repair any fault in the electrical connection or switches.

2.          Wobbling Ceiling Fan

Another common issue that may occur is the wobbling issue. There are several causes for a wobbling ceiling fan. The ceiling fan may wobble due to loose screws or faulty blade positions that usually occur due to corrosion. To solve this wobbling issue, remove the dust from the fan. The fan blade should be cleaned and the screw should be adjusted according to the position of the blades. The screw should be tightened and the outlet box should be securely fixed in the right way. Then it’s time to fix the fan in the ceiling again. Ceiling fan Repairing should be done securely.

3.          Noisy Ceiling Fan

Noisy ceiling fan is another very common issue. The noisy issue of a ceiling fan can be resolved by adjusting the ceiling fan in the right way and letting it adjust its position for a night. Check the oil level and readjust it if required. Replenish the oil level to avoid the issue. Adjust the screw in the right way to avoid the unpleasant noise. Give attention to the noisy fan because it may give rise to a fatal accident.

Ensure that the canopy of the fan doesn’t touch the ceiling. Sometimes, ranting wires may cause this issue. Fix the issue of ranting wires and blades to avoid the noise.

4.          Speed Issue

Sometimes, the speed of the ceiling fan does not work in the best way. The airflow out of the blades of the ceiling fans usually set at a difference that may lead to slow speed. Check the speed adjustment and fix it. This issue can be resolved by changing the capacitor and lubricating the blades. Turn the fan on by doing all these fixations. Then feel the heat out of the motor. If there is an issue. Resolve it for ceiling fan repairing.

5.          Light Kit Not working

If the fan is working but the light kit is faulty then the following things can be used to correct this issue.

First, check that the bulb is fastened in the right way into the socket. If the bulb position is not true, fix it. If the bulb is fused and not working then it’s time to replace the old bulb with a new one. Sometimes, the bulb is not tightened in a light way in the socket and when the fan is adjusted in the ceiling. It does not work. This issue should be fixed. The bulb has a faulty connection or wire connection is not in the right position. Fix the connection issue.


During repairing the ceiling fan, keep in mind your safety first. The connections of wires should be examined securely. Ceiling fan repairing is not a game of children so do it safely.