Top 3 Plumbing Emergencies in Food Service Establishments

A restaurant or any food service establishment’s kitchen is one of the busiest places you’ll ever go to in Sydney or any place in the world. There is constant movement as everyone fulfils orders of the waiting guests. With all the constant movement and assigned tasks, it can be hard sometimes to keep track of the plumbing system.

That is why it’s essential for restaurant owners to always have someone check the system regularly. Good thing, you can easily find a commercial plumber in Sydney since it’s a massive city.

A Must When Planning a Restaurant

If you’re planning on setting up your own restaurant or diner, it’s essential that you have the number of a professional plumber ready whenever you need them. It’s a vital part of any emergency action plan for food service establishments and almost any establishment.

Besides finding and knowing the number of experts near your place, you should also know the most common plumbing emergencies such businesses face.

With that, here’s the top 3 most common plumbing issues restaurants face:

Clogged Drains

Perhaps the most common problem in any restaurant kitchen is clogging. From washing used dishes, oftentimes with grease and oil from the food to food waste, it’s rather easy to clog the drain, especially when you don’t have a drain strainer.

Since you’re working, you really don’t have the time to ensure you dispose of the oil and grease properly. Although there’s a different station for peeling and chopping ingredients, the peel, core, and seeds may still find themselves down the drain.

If you’re a restaurant owner, it’s always best to set up the best stations for your workers. Always have a trash bin near those who chop ingredients, then have someone make sure everything from the plate is removed properly before being placed on the sink.

And of course, you’ll want to have a blocked drain plumber Sydney on speed dial. Make sure they have emergency services so they can help you as soon as you need them.

Leaking Faucet

Another common issue in restaurants and diners are leaky faucets. This may be due to constant, so the faucet wears down and won’t work properly anymore.

As the owner, you’ll want to assure this gets fixed as soon as possible. A leaking faucet can significantly increase your water bill each month. Instead of profiting, you’ll end up losing money since you have to pay for a bigger bill monthly. You can DIY the solution, but if you don’t have any knowledge with plumbing in Tacoma WA, then you might as well pay for a plumber.

Toilet Issues

Most restaurants and diners have toilets for their guests. Due to the constant use and being unable to control your guests, toilet issues are common.

For example, flushing down tissues, sanitary napkins, and the like can lead to clogging. Despite putting signs, some guests will still flush down toilets, which would cause toilet clogs. Sometimes, these clogs can go down on their own, but in most cases, you’ll have to fix the problem through using a plunger or a cleaning agent to dissolve anything blocking your toilet.

However, in some cases, these can get serious. Again, you can hire a blocked drain plumber in Sydney that can assess the problem and find a way to unclog your toilet. They have the right equipment, such as a heavy-duty auger that can remove even the most stubborn blockages.

Once your toilet clogs, make sure you have it fixed as clogs can become unsanitary and unhealthy real quick. As a food service establishment, that is something you’ll want to avoid or risk getting closed down for good.