uPVC spray painting or a new kitchen

What’s a home without a kitchen? But these hearts of the homes surely give in to the wears of usage, and that’s okay. It just means that you’re using it to the best. But what is the better option to renew these beloved kitchens? Should you get a new kitchen or opt for uPVC kitchen spraying? Read on to find out more.

What is uPVC spray painting?

This method comes at a much cheaper cost compared to replacing your old kitchen cabinets, drawers, etc. All it takes is cleaning through the wear and tear, arranging what’s necessary plus spraying it and voilà! Your kitchen will look brand new again. Although people may often try to repaint themselves, hiring professionals is usually the better option to get a quality finish for your kitchen.

Cost and Process

uPVC kitchen spray paints are available in a myriad of colours to choose from. Different professionals may charge varying fees depending on the amount of change needed in the kitchen.

One of the most common techniques is by masking appliances and the floor, preparing the areas that need painting to end up with a smooth and clear finish. Once it’s done, professionals will mostly use high-grade equipment to spray evenly to make sure it has a genuine finish. Once the whole process is done, you’ll be left with a newly refreshed kitchen. And not to mention, these type of paints also last for a long time, so you’re getting the bang for your dollar.

Should you get a new kitchen instead?

If your kitchen is worn down and only painting can’t cover it up, definitely opt for new installations as that is the best possible option. It will cost you a lot, however, as long as you purchase good quality items, you’ll be good to go for more years.

But if it has only been a few years and you want to give a new look to your kitchen or cover up little wearing, then the uPVC spray painting is the way to go.

These can save up almost 80% of your budget than if you were to go for a full renewal. Apart from being cheaper, it also lasts for a good amount of time and can easily make your kitchen look renewed and fresh. All in all, choosing either of the options will highly depend on the condition of your kitchen and its furniture.