Use These Items to Make Your Laundry Softer

Do you always feel itchy in your clothes all the time? Sometimes, clothes that aren’t properly washed can feel dry and irritating on the skin. The cleaning materials that you use might be causing the reaction. Chemicals and certain substances can have the opposite effect. This is why many people turn to alternative solutions that are both more cost-efficient and more effective.


If you want to improve the way you do laundry, here are things you can add to your laundry to make it softer and cleaner.



If you want a more natural way to soften clothes, you should ditch the detergent and start using vinegar. Vinegar is famously known for cleaning all sorts of objects, and that includes your laundry. It has the ability to loosen salts and aluminum chloride on clothes, making it harder for dirt to stick to your clothes. Aside from that, it also has the ability to whiten clothes and make them look fresh and new.


Another thing vinegar is used for is softening clothes. The acidic property in them is the key ingredient. These qualities also make them suitable for cleaning. It can disentangle fibers, making it easier for the water to rinse out the dirt in them. What makes it better than your usual detergent is that it is completely natural as well.


No need to worry about the strong smell because the water can remove them. In fact, vinegar is also known for removing strong odors as well. If you want to remove the bad smell that has stuck to your laundry, then vinegar is the way to do it.


Baking Soda

This ingredient is famously known for both baking and as natural deodorizers. However, you can also use these when doing the laundry. People add baking soda to the washing machine to help clothes become brighter and retain their color. Oftentimes, clothes become less lively when washing, especially white ones. Baking soda can be used to brighten it up and make it look cleaner.


A little known fact is that baking soda has chemicals that have antibacterial properties. This is why using baking soda cleans both your clothes and the inside of your washing machine. Adding half a cup to every laundry set has a lot of positive benefits, including removing odors and crayon stains.


Soft Water

Not all water is made equal. It actually has a level of hardness, and the uses of each can vary. Hardness refers to the minerals in them. Third parties or softener devices often treat water. Using the right kind of water can improve your cleaning. It makes all your detergents and conditions more effective because the water itself is free of other sediments. These minerals in your water can also cause the colors to change over time.


It makes all your detergents and conditions more effective because the water itself is free of other sediments. Soft water dissolves faster, and that makes rinsing and washing a lot easier. Hard water can sometimes leave a residue that makes your clothes feel itchy or dry. This leaves your laundry still slightly dirtier than when you use soft water.


Since soft water is more efficient, it can also mean that you can use less detergent than usual. Some people have to rewash their clothes when they use hard water because it still feels off. With soft water, you don’t have to repeat the tasks and waste water.


Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner isn’t just used for your head; it can also be used on clothes. It does the same thing it does to your hair but more. If you want to softener laundry while on a budget, you can swap your usual softener with a bit of conditioner. Unlike your regular detergent, you only need to use a small amount for this. Even just a tablespoon of it is enough.


This method is also a popular choice for those that want to prevent shrinkage. What it does is relax the fibers of your items, which makes them softer. You can soak it in for about half an hour before washing for added effect. For clothing items that are a bit more sensitive and expensive, conditioner is perfect because it reduces damage. Hair conditioner can give clothes a pleasant smell.