Using Steam Mops to Clean Your Home

The comfort of being home exceeds any feeling of warmth that we will ever feel. Home is where laughter and memories are built and where people would always make you feel like you have found your place in this world.

But then again, the coziness of home is easily ruined by one thing: untidiness. There is nothing inviting coming home to a messy environment. Dust and dirt buildup in every corner simply ruin the comfort and relaxation you have been longing for the entire day.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to maintain your home with a steam mop.

Why You Need One at Home

Let go of your disinfectants made of chemicals that are harmful to you and your family. With a steam mop, disinfecting your floor is naturally done since it only uses heat and moisture—a healthier and more efficient cleaning method.

Using your traditional mop to wipe and scrub your floor may also take a couple of hours before it dries. Aside from loosening the dirt on the floor through heat, steam mops don’t get your floor too damp, which means that it will dry faster than when using a traditional mop.

While we’re on the subject of loosening the dirt on the floor, steam mops make it easier to remove stains too, which means you can give your joints and muscles a break from scrubbing the floor all day just to remove the stains. 

The chemicals in some solutions tend to leave a certain cloudy film on top of your floor. The fact that a steam mop only uses water and heat to clean the floor means that it also prevents it from getting sticky and gives it a shiny look in the process.

You may also rid yourself of the trouble of throwing the bucket of dirty water that you got from cleaning with your traditional mop. That gross, stinky smell is something you wouldn’t want to be staying in the house after cleaning, right? Steam mops don’t leave you with that problem since it uses clean water to create steam.

What to Avoid When Using a Steam Floor Mop

Steam mops provide us with an easier method of cleaning our floors, but with this convenience comes a few reminders for proper usage and also for your safety. Here are some of the things that you must avoid when using a steam mop:

Avoid Using It on Laminate Floors

Remember that steam mops are not meant for floors with gaps in them, like laminate floors or hardwood floors. Steam mops use steam in cleaning, and the moisture it produces may get to the material of the flooring and damage it. The heat that a steam mop produces also makes it incompatible with tiles that work on adhesive. If you have accidentally damaged your floor with your steam mop, you may want to contact your mortgage provider and determine whether your loan policy covers insurance. This will help restore your floor to its original state.

Avoid Plugging It in Without the Cloth

Getting the electricity running through the steam mop is the last step that you should do if you plan on using it. Make sure you have already attached the cloth and have filled up the water tank before plugging it in to avoid accidents such as burns or electric shocks.

Avoid Leaving It On

The steam mop heats up very quickly, and even old models only take a few seconds before it’s ready to take a stroll on your floor. Ensure you have pulled the plug once you are done, or when you’re not using it, to avoid too much steam on a single spot that might cause irreversible damage.

Avoid Using Chemical Solutions

The water tank is meant solely for water, and putting different kinds of solutions or chemicals in it may damage the tank, or worse, the steam mop itself. Water is enough to disinfect your floor since the technology of the steam mop already gets the job done.

Avoid Using Dirty Cloth

A steam mop runs on the same principle as a traditional mop. That is, its cloth also needs regular cleaning. Ensure that you change its cloth when you notice that it has accumulated a fair amount of dirt. Otherwise, your steam mop will only worsen and spread the dirt all over the floor.

The steam mop is an extraordinary and revolutionary piece of machinery that is a great partner in keeping our floor shining and disinfected. It’s definitely a great investment towards a healthy environment, and therefore a healthy mind and body.