Wall décor with digital photo prints: A guide for homeowners

Selecting artwork for your walls can be confusing, because there are numerous ideas and trends to choose from. Instead of buying ready pieces off the shelves, many homeowners are now opting to print their favorite memories, photos and images on mediums like glass, metal and acrylic. The beauty of Big Acrylic pictures on glass is hard to ignore, and the possibilities, in terms of décor, style and design, are endless. In this post, we are sharing a few things that homeowners must know before they place an order for digital photo prints.

Are digital photo prints expensive?

It depends on several factors. For instance, printing on metal requires much more effort and a better printer, and hence, metal prints can cost more than something like acrylic. Also, the medium does make a difference. If you want to use digital photo prints indoors, you can go for both glass and acrylic, while fabric is also a decent choice. The size of the print also determines the price. For instance, if you want to design something for a huge wall, you will need to spend a lot more. Printing companies charge differently for different products, so ask in advance. Since we are focusing specifically on wall décor here, it is a wise idea to go for the best print quality and service you can find.

How to place an order?

Before you consider digital photo prints, start by looking for high-quality images. That’s an aspect you cannot afford to ignore, especially for a big canvas. The print quality cannot really alter the image. Editing the image is okay, but you want sharp colors, right contrast and other details, so that there is no compromise on the final product. Make sure that you have selected the medium based on your wall décor and home needs. For example, if you have small kids around, glass digital photo prints are not the best choice. Acrylic is lighter and more durable in that context. Metal is ideal for outdoors, while glass is best suited for areas not prone to heavy foot traffic. You can always get an estimate for your digital photo prints in advance before placing the order.

Digital photo prints can be displayed in various ways you prefer – like float, float frame, and stand-off. Just ask the printing service for samples before you take the final call. Use personal photos to create a big collage of your happy memories.