Want to Update Your Kitchen Without a Major Remodel? Consider Cabinet Refacing

Cabinets are essential pieces of furniture in any kitchen and can impact your home’s overall look. They play an important role in the design and functionality of your kitchen; however, they may need updating over time. Thankfully, you can update your cabinets without undertaking a renovation through Armoires En Gros cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing is the process of replacing the cabinets’ exterior. The shelves and doors are taken out and a new veneer is applied to the cabinet. If you want to change up the look of your cabinet, you should also change the handles and hinges. 

Reasons to Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet refacing can be necessary if you are looking to provide your home with some TLC. If your existing cabinets are outdated, they can be an eyesore to your home and may reduce its value. By refacing your cabinets, you give your home an updated look without replacing your existing cabinetry.

How Long Does the Process Take?

How long the cabinet refacing process takes depends on the number of cabinets you want to reface. If you have too many cabinets in a small kitchen, it could take 2-3 days to reface them. Refacing the cabinets in a bigger kitchen can take up to one week. This time could be longer when you have to install new countertops or want to fit your cabinets with customised hardware. 

How a Cabinet Refacing Project Can Affect Your Home

Kitchen cabinet refacing will provide your kitchen with a major facelift. Should you decide to sell your house in the future, how your kitchen looks can influence the sale. By offering this room a fresh look, the value of your home can increase, helping it sell faster. 

In addition, refacing cabinets can make the kitchen your home’s entertainment epicentre. Having outdated cabinets in the kitchen may cause embarrassment or insecurity. But when you reface them, you can host parties and gatherings without hesitations. 

How to Get Started

If you want to have your kitchen cabinets refaced, you should get in touch with a refacing company. The company knows the material to use, how long it will take the project to complete, and what to expect throughout the process. It is important to hire the right company if you want to save money and make sure the project is completed as expected and on time. When cabinet refacing is done correctly, it is a powerful remodelling project that can add value to your kitchen.