What happens when you don’t clean the gutters? 

Gutters are an essential part of the house and therefore, you must take critical care of all the vital elements.  If you don’t clean the gutters in time, it can result in several disadvantages. 

We often tend to ignore the gutters of our house. It is important, and regular cleaning too happens to be an essential part of all the household chores. If you do not clean the gutters in time, they can cause several defects. Not only will it make your house look dirty but also damage certain parts which will lead to money expenditure. 

Some of the prominent problems that may happen because of not cleaning the gutters include the following.

Basement flooding

Avoiding cleaning the gutter in your roofing system will eventually have a negative impact in your basement. Clogged drains can cause basement flooding problems. If the basement starts to flood, it will damage the basement walls. Apart from that, it will cause several other problems such as black mold, bad odor, and more. 

Rotten wood

Once the water starts overflowing in your house, it can cause serious problems such as rotten wood. Although it is considered to be healthy, it is not. Rotting wood can eventually spread it all around the house, thereby damaging all the other areas of the house. Moreover, gutters can also pave the way for different rodents and insects to enter your house and damage woods. 


If temperatures drop below freezing point and you have clogged gutters in your house, ice will eventually infect other areas of the house. Clogged gutters can become cumbersome and will be removed from the house. If you have water running out of your house, it will cause problems around the driveway, deck, and sidewalks as well.

Algae and moss

Too much water around the house can eventually lead to the growth of moss and algae. If your gutter contains a lot of dirt and debris, it will affect the areas. This not only damages the roofing system but will also make your house aesthetically look bad. 

Roof damage

Roof damage has to be one of the most common damages caused by clogged gutters. The shingles will break, thereby leading to overall damage to the roof deck. If the damage is not detected, it may even affect the insulation system of your house. 

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