What Qualities To Check When Buying An Exterior Paint

Things get complicated when you are out there buying exterior paint (สี ทา ภายนอก, which is the term in Thai) for your house. First, the challenge is that many brands compete against each other, which can confuse you on what to choose. Second, you might not know about the qualities that make paint superior.

Sure, you can hire a contractor for your house, which can take responsibility for buying paint for your house. Ask yourself, do you like to leave such a crucial decision in the hand of the contractor. Choosing the right Paints for your house can increase the longevity of your house. So, it’s time to get more involved with the making decision for your house paint.

We are here to help you cut through all the marketing ads that brands put into selling their product. You can sort the paint for your house based on the following qualities.

Qualities Of Your Exterior Paint

·       Durability

The durability of the exterior paint is a crucial factor that you cannot miss check. The paint’s durability tells how long the paint can survive the harsh condition of the weather and climate of the place you live. Also, painting your house exterior is an expensive job; you must choose a paint that can last up to 7-8 years. You do not want to spend a lot of money again on putting a coat of paint. To check the durability of the paint, you can go through an online independent consumer testing publisher.

·       Color & Gloss Retention

Besides acting as a layer of protection of the house, the paint makes your house look attractive and new. So, choose a paint that does not fade easily because of the direct sunlight. The fading of paint makes your house look dull. Moreover, glossier the paint of your house, newer it looks. The lower-quality paint may be cheap; however, it might be bad in color and gloss retention. So, always go for the exterior paint that has superior quality. So, that way, your house can always give a sensation that it’s recently painted.

·       One-Coat Coverage

The one-coat coverage is the marketing gimmick that many brands use to sell their exterior paint. We all like the idea of cutting down the time it takes to paint a house. Therefore, one-coat paint sounds perfect. However, they are not ideal for all. Be sure to check you do not fall into such a marketing gimmick and go through the other traditional best option you got in the market.