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Why Calgary is One of the Best Cities to Live In

Calgary is one of the proudest cities in all of Canada.  Known as Stampede City, Calgary has kept a close connection with its past as a ranching and cattle capital.  Although it’s been a long time since a cow has gotten close outside of The Rodeo, you shouldn’t be shocked to see someone in some cowboy boots and a bolo tie.  Here are some of the reasons that the locals call it heaven on Earth: and why everyone’s looking for Calgary homes for sale!

The Views

Calgary is a city that feels like it was built so that people could stay long enough to enjoy the views around them.  Gorgeous bright blue sky stretches on endlessly, stopped only by the kiss of the horizon or the distant mountains.  With the Bow River to the South, you can catch another glint of the natural beauty that locals have become accustomed to seeing in their everyday life.  Calgary sprawls out so that you can take it all in every day, and who wouldn’t want to?  These views are breathtaking.  

Cost of Living

The average rent in Calgary is less than CA $1000.  This means that it’s half the price of anything you’d find in Toronto and often roomier and more welcoming.  The prices stay so low because the city is spread out so that there’s more land that can be developed and turned into homes and apartments.  This layout means if you get a home on the outstretched of town, you could be in a bustling area in the next ten to twenty years!

Distance to Paradise

Not only is Calgary just three hours from Edmonton, a cultural centerpiece for Canada, but it’s also just an hour outside of Banff National Park.  Banff is well known for skiing, surfboarding, skating, and endless other winter activities.  If being active isn’t your thing, you can also enjoy getting pampered and spoiled in one of the many spas.  Banff is a hidden gem that thousands flock to every year; Calgary is a great place to live if you ever want to slip away for a break.

Friendlier People

The people of Calgary are friendlier and more hospitable than you can find in most major cities.  Rated the friendliest place to live by several Canadian publications, and with a lower crime rate than many cities with similar populations, Calgary stands on its own in niceness.  People generally care about their neighbors here, and many go out of their way to help others live more comfortably and happily.

Tons To Do

You’ll never get bored in Calgary.  When you’re not slipping off to Banff National Park, you can enjoy life on the water on Bow River.  Countless museums, galleries, and collections bring all of the art and culture the city has to enjoy into one place: but that’s not all!  Calgary has a thriving nightclub life, fantasy sports teams, and more than enough clubs and regional hobby groups to keep anyone entertained.  Your social calendar will be filled in no time, and you’ll be better for it!