Why East Cobb is a Prime Living Destination

East Cobb was initially a rural area in the 1800s but later became a suburb in the 1960s. This was attributed to the many ongoing developments in the late 1990s with the construction of high-end homes and shopping stores. The massive space in East Cobb offers plenty of land and housing options. East Cobb boasts a vibrant community and numerous tourist attractions that have led to a significant rise in population. This handy guide will elaborate more on why you should venture into East Cobb real estate when looking for a home property.

Schools and Institutions 

East Cobb has numerous public and private schools, with most being the best in the state. Some of the most recognized institutions are Wheeler High School, Walton High School, Noonday Academy, and Sprayberry High School. These schools are top-rated by recognized magazines like Newsweek and Atlanta Magazine and even top the list in the country’s 100 schools. You will also find many technical schools and universities that present many courses with advanced placement systems.

Outdoor Recreational activities

The city has a rich portfolio of outdoor recreational avenues such as golf courses, museums, historic sites, and parks. East Cobb is located close to the Chattahoochee Nature Center, which provides an array of fun activities like canoeing, ziplining, and viewing different species of flora and fauna. The Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park has scenic views and amazing nature appeal. These places provide unmatched fun activities and are well-distributed across East Cobb’s vast land coverage.

A Shopping Destination 

East Cobb is renowned for its stunning shopping destinations, like Cumberland Mall, Perimeter Mall, and North Point Mall. Most of these destinations are considered the largest in Atlanta, attracting locals and outsiders. These shopping malls are located in vibrant areas and offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience due to the wide range of stores. You will find many options, like luxurious cafes, food courts, boutiques, and art galleries.

Convenient Commuting 

The city has sophisticated transport infrastructure, such as airports and major roads. This is why most people working in Atlanta prefer living in East Cobb, as roads like Johnson Ferry and Roswell provide easier access to other places within the state. The Cobb County Transit provides reliable public bus services in the entire county, stretching its reach to Downtown Atlanta. In addition, East Cobb is minutes away from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, ranked as one of the globally busiest airports. You will also find the Cobb County Airport, a few minutes from the town.

Buying a Home in East Cobb

Buying luxury homes in East Cobb is one of the best decisions due to the city’s strategic location. East Cobb lies in a vast coverage with lots of housing options. These properties are located in a vibrant community, have many shopping avenues, and have one of the best road and air infrastructure. Additionally, the city has some of the country’s best high schools, universities, and technical schools. Feel free to contact Marlene Green to view the available homes for sale in East Cobb.