Why you should buy a wool blanket

Whenever you are cold, a blanket is one of the first things that you want to grab and throw on. Many types of fibers are used for making blankets, but wool is arguably one of the best materials. It is not only warm and cozy, but it is also breathable, water-resistant and it can potentially help you sleep better. But these are far from its only properties. Besides, there are many different ways in which you can use a wool blanket in your home and also outdoors. If you’re thinking of buying a blanket, here are a few important reasons why it’s worth choosing a wool one over cheaper alternatives.

The many benefits of wool

The main reason why you’d probably think of buying a wool blanket is that it’s warm. Wool is indeed warmer than many other materials due to its ability to trap air inside its woven fibers. Another good thing about wool is that it wicks moisture. The fibers are water-resistant on the exterior, and moisture-absorbent on the interior, but this moisture evaporates quickly.  Thanks to the fact that it regulates moisture (and also heat), a wool blanket can also improve the quality of your sleep. Wool is also flame-resistant, so it burns out rather than spread the flames. Since it is a naturally occurring fiber, it is also biodegradable, so it’s a great material for you if you’re environmentally conscious. Wool is also resistant to mold and mildew, which means that it has great antibacterial properties and that it is also pretty odor resistant. The only complaint that some people have is that wool can be a little itchy. If you have that problem, it means that you need finer wool. Irish merino wool is the right option for you because it’s very soft and breathable. You can find a great selection of Irish blankets online and choose the blanket that complement the decor with color and softness.

The many uses of a wool blanket

Wool blankets are very versatile items. They are great as interior decor accessories because they add some depth and texture. Whether you throw a blanket on a couch or on the bed, it’s a beautiful way to add some color accents or interesting patterns to the decor and it also adds a bit of a homey feeling. Wool can keep you warm and cozy, so you can use a wool blanket to wrap around yourself on a cold day or night. It’s also a good idea to place a wool blanket in your baby’s pushchair or stroller. As for outdoor uses, a wool blanket is wonderful for a picnic on a hot summer day thanks to its moisture-wicking and heat regulating properties. You can also keep a wool blanket or two in your car if you have car sickness. That is because wool absorbs VOCs released by cars. Wool blankets are generally great for traveling. You can use one as a comforter during a flight or when traveling by bus, or you can use it as a warmer on a hike. The useful properties of wool and the many ways in which a wool blanket can be used are what makes it a truly valuable item to own.