Why your building light is flickering?

Have your office or home also facing flickering light problems? Don’t worry; it is a very common issue presently, but you can’t ignore it. The condition will be serious if the flickering of lights doesn’t stop. Though, skilled electricians can really help you out. Look into the possible reasons behind the flickering. 


  • Overloading of circuit


The overload circuit is a real culprit behind this issue and becomes worse when large appliances are going to use. On finding such repairing electrical issues, it is better to call certified electricians who will inspect the whole building, perform the repairs and properly upgrade the problems.


  • Loose wiring


Wiring problems can also be a potential reason that your lights are flickering. It has been reported that many houses catch fires because of old and outdated wiring. The loose fixture happens when there is a loose service conductor connection, worn-out box connection, or bad switch. 


  • Voltage fluctuations


The usual voltage reading should be between 115 and 125 volts. Above or below this range cause the occurrence of flickering issues. Due to the high voltage, the lights bulbs start dimming randomly. Other than this, there is also a problem associated with an electrical system that alarms the emergency conditions. 


  • Loose light bulbs connection


The bulb is also a cause because of which flickering happens. If you are using fluorescent bulbs, stop it right there because they are also prone to flicker the power. In such conditions, LED lights are the best, but don’t work if you connect them with the dimmer switch. Also, check that the sockets should also be screwed well. 


  • Utility issues


Do you share your transformer with the neighbors? That means electrical usage will automatically get divided. So, when you find flickering of lights, do contact the electrician who will solve the problem within no time. 

Whatever electrical problems you are facing, Baker Brothers Repair and Service will assist you in providing an excellent solution. You can directly contact the team or visit our website to get detailed information.