4 Best ways to Care for Your Wooden Dining Table

The dining area is one of the critical spots in your home. Your entire family gather to eat in this place and you share great moments with loved ones and guests. The best way to enhance the look of your dining area is by fitting the right dining set. Are you wondering how to do this? A wooden dining table works magic. It’s simplistic yet elegant and will modify the entire look of your home. However, to maintain it in excellent condition, you’ll need to care for it by wiping, dusting, and polishing.

Here are tips to help you out:

  1. Proper cleaning & Dusting

Over time, tables lose shine, look dull, and unattractive. But, a Suar Wood Furniture Singapore is easy to care for. You can retain its glossy finish by using the right cleaning materials and techniques. How can you go about it? The procedure for cleaning a wooden table is different from a glass one.

Clean your wooden dining table using a soft cloth and a wood cleaner or conditioner. A dry cloth can damage the surface and cause scratches; some of the best soft fabrics to use are; old baby diapers and a damp T-shirt. If you opt for a wood conditioner, limit it to twice a year.

Moreover, clean your table immediately after spills and polish it to retain the glossy finish. Avoid any furniture polish containing silicone. It can soak into the wood grain and cause permanent damages.

  1. Protect the surface

Lacing hot dishes directly on your wooden table can also cause or leave burn marks on your lovely set. Cover it with a tablecloth to protect the surface from UV rays. To protect your table from scratches and dents, put a tabletop pad under the tablecloth. They are liquid proof and will act as a barrier to keep your table from spills.

  1. How about the placement?

Extreme temperatures and humidity can affect your wooden dining table. Place it away from direct sunlight; it will fade the wood and also cause cracks. Moreover, place it away from heat sources like fireplaces that can lead to warps. Maintain the right humidity levels in your home; 40 and 45 percent are great. Use a humidifier for low humidity levels and an air conditioner to minimize air moisture in your home.

  1. Repairs

The best way to care for your wooden table is to prevent damage. One home remedy is by wiping spills and food particles immediately with mayonnaise. If your wooden table has unsightly water ring stains, gently rub the area using mayonnaise. It works well and completely erases them. 

For burn marks, use a fine steel wool soap pad and rub gently over the burned spot. To deal with ugly scratches, cover them with a furniture touch-up marker or crayon and ensure that the shade matches your table


Keep a wooden dining table for a long time requires a lot of attention, and regular dusting may not be enough. Hardwood such as durman is more resistant to decay by nature. Proper care will maintain the shine on your table and keep it looking its best. Consider the above tips, and save a lot of money on replacements and repairs. Moreover, search online for additional information on how to care for your other wooden furniture.