5 Different Options You Have While Choosing Garage Doors

You may wonder why you need to pay so much attention to your garage door. Garage doors are, after all, garage doors right? But what you may not know is the garage doors play a significant role in enhancing your home’s curb appeal, especially if you have a front-facing attached garage. They will the first thing that your visitors notice about your house, and you shouldn’t compromise on the first impression at any cost.

While replacing old, worn-out garage doors, you should know what options you’ve in hand. Starting from the types of doors to their colours, sizes, finish, insulation, windows and more, you must consider a lot of factors before finalizing anything.

No, there’s no need to get overwhelmed here. Let’s give you an idea about the five main types of garage doors you can install.

Roll-up doors

The roll-up model is mostly found in commercial spaces. These are high-performance heavy-duty doors that best suit garages with less ceiling space. With 2-3 inches of steel slat sections, the corrosion-free roll-up garage doors also prevent rust and freezing to a great extent.

Side-hinged doors

These are old-fashioned garage doors that are quite convenient for residential spaces. Resembling the barn doors, they are generally composed of wood, but you can also opt for galvanized steel doors if you want. You can either buy ready-made pre-hung doors to fit into an existing space or you can get them customized according to your preferences.

Sectional doors 

This is the most popular garage doors that are widely preferred by everyone nowadays. The panel sections are connected with hinges, and the wheels at the panels’ edges roll vertically inside while opening or closing the door. The steel sectional doors require less maintenance and offer customizing options regarding design, colour, hardware and texture.

Tilt-up and over canopy doors

They are non-sectional, like the side-hinged doors, and tilt-up with the help of a pivoting hinge and run parallel to the ceiling of the garage when opened. Both advanced and stylish, these doors are the best choice, in case you’re seeking to create a good impression.

Sliding doors

These doors bend to one side of the garage and stay parallel to the walls. If your garage doesn’t have much headroom, the sliding doors should be suitable for you. As they work on built-in retractable motors, you don’t have to face many difficulties in operating them.

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