5 Things to Remember While Installing Open Kitchen Shelves 

Although closed cabinets are still very much in, many homeowners are opting for open shelves in their modern kitchens, as depicted in some trendy designs. If privacy is not a big factor for you, and you’re simply in love with the concept of open shelves, it’s better to keep certain things in mind before upgrading your kitchen. 

Wondering what those factors are? Read on!

Keeping the shelves clean

The most important thing to consider regarding open shelves is cleanliness. You have to adopt a regular cleaning regime to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the shelves. Make sure you also spray some insect repellents on the shelves, so that the pests don’t lay eggs there and create a mess of everything. 

Nothing to hide

While installing open shelves, you should keep in mind that everything will be out in the open, and you won’t have a place to hide old glassware or broken dishes. Hence, it’s essential to showcase only the cleanest, stylish and sophisticated glassware, utensils and kitchen tools. Also, make sure you arrange them properly on the shelves for a beautiful display.

Proper lighting 

It can be difficult to light up every nook and corner of the open cabinets with the existing lighting system in your kitchen. You should reinstall the same, especially near the shelves, for an enhanced display. Moreover, invest in some impressive showpieces and artifacts to improve the overall appearance. Get in touch with experts, like at the Renovation Cuisines Vima to ask for relevant suggestions on this matter. 

Select the material of the shelves

You should choose the base material, depending on the existing kitchen design, shades and tones. Wood, porcelain, glass and other shelving options can spoil you with choices, but an expert will be able to guide you well. If you have any special needs, let them know in advance so that they can incorporate it into the design plan. 

Consider the space in your kitchen

The open cabinets are best suited for constricted spaces and make them look larger. If you wish to put the shelves over the windows, you should make sure the curtains are transparent enough to allow maximum natural light to enter the kitchen space. 

Wrapping it up

If having too many open shelves in the kitchen doesn’t seem right, you can also mix and match cabinet styles with the help of experienced kitchen remodelers. Select a space on the wall to install the open shelves and keep the rest for closed cabinets, without compromising on the overall appearance of your kitchen. Match the shades and designs accordingly to create a universal appeal without giving out your insecurities about full-fledged open shelving.