Custom Made Wardrobes vs. Store-Bought Options

Buying furniture for your home is always fun, but it requires you to make a lot of choices. This especially applies to large pieces, such as beds and wardrobes that occupy more space and cost significantly higher. In recent times, people tend to just go to the department store and choose from a wide selection of furniture that is readily available. However, custom made furniture has a lot of benefits as well. Depending on your needs and goals, customised furniture can not only tie your home together but also save you time, space, and money.

When it comes to buying a new wardrobe, consider having it customised. There is a great variety of custom made wardrobes Perth-based residents can access. If you are grappling between choosing between a store-bought wardrobe and a custom made one, the following are some of the things you need to consider.


In a store, wardrobes come in different colours, materials, and overall designs. The wide range of choices can even make you feel that you have no other choice but to settle for the available options. However, remember that these wardrobes have standardised dimensions, which may or may not fit well inside your home. 

Aside from the exterior, consider the interior of the wardrobe as well. Think of the items that you are going to place inside the wardrobe. Store-bought wardrobes often have a hanging rack and shelves to place your clothes in, but making the most of that space depends on your possessions. For example, if you have a lot of coats and dresses, you’d want a wardrobe with a larger hanging rack.

One of the biggest perks of custom made wardrobes is the ability to allot space. On the exterior front, you can choose how big or wide your wardrobe can be. Inside it, you can choose how many shelves you like or how long the hanging rack should be. With custom made, you cater to your specific needs.


Compared to customised furniture, store-bought items are often built to lower standards. This is because the focus on lowering price tags increases the reliance on mass production and the usage of cheap materials. More often than not, homeowners only get to see how good (or bad) the material is after they bought the wardrobe home and watch the wood crack and the paint chip away after months or years of use.

However, with custom made furniture, you have full control over the materials that will be used for your wardrobe or whatever piece you need. Partnering up with an honest and knowledgeable designer can help you choose which material is best in terms of durability and price. Indeed, planning your wardrobe carefully assures you that it will last for a long time.


By nature, store-bought items are easier to move. They are often made of lighter materials, making it easier for you to bring them home from the store. This also means that you can bring them anywhere with you even if you move out of your current residence.

Moving a customised wardrobe highly depends on what kind of wardrobe it is. If it’s a freestanding wardrobe, you can still bring it with you, though it will most likely be heavier and bulkier. If it’s a fit-in wardrobe, you’ll have to leave it behind with the house.

Thus, your residence period matters a lot when considering which wardrobe to buy. If your current home is only temporary (such as for school or a work assignment), the store-bought wardrobe might be sufficient for you. If you plan to stay, however, a custom made wardrobe might just be the way to go.


Undoubtedly, customised wardrobes cost more than store-bought ones. Still, you need to consider other expenses. While the price tag might be cheaper when you buy it from the store, additional fees from delivery and instalment raise the overall amount you will pay. Don’t forget to take into account that you might need to buy a new wardrobe as well in the future when the current one breaks. Comparing the prices between these two options, consider carefully if the customised wardrobe is worth it or not. With the latter, you are sure to get the best value out of your money. 

Overall, the right wardrobe for you depends on your current needs and goals. If you need one immediately, get the store-bought one. If, however, you desire for a wardrobe to furnish your house for many years, get it customised. With the proper planning and right materials, your wardrobe will soon be available to house your possessions for an enduring period of time.