Glass Roof Singapore: Advantages And Disadvantages

If you want natural light and sky without compromising your protection against the rain and sun, you should install a glass roof in Singapore.

The glass roof has been a top favourite roofing system of architects and engineers. In fact, some of the iconic infrastructures in the world use glass roofing, including the Louvre Pyramid in France and the Reichstag Dome in Berlin. We don’t need to go far because the world-renowned Jewel Changi Airport also sports a glass and steel roof structure.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of a glass roof? Is it worth it to call a roofing contractor in Singapore to install a glass roof on your home?

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Glass Roof In Singapore

Before discussing the pros and cons of a glass roof, it is crucial to go through the different glass materials used in roofing. A roofing and awning contractor in Singapore may offer unique glass roof materials, including toughened and laminated glass.

Toughened glass is tempered glass that is five times stronger than regular glass. It resists heat and impact, absorbs UV rays, and reduces noise.

Laminated glass is made of two panels of glass sandwiching a layer of plastic or polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which will permanently bond the two panels together. Laminated glass is almost unbreakable, reduces heat and noise, and resists impacts.

A roofing contractor in Singapore may offer other glass materials, but these two are the most common and available.

Here are the pros and cons of glass roofing:

ADVANTAGE: Natural light

The primary benefit of the glass roof in Singapore is natural light. People need not switch it on during the day because sunlight passes through the glass roofing, illuminating the space.

In a way, it is energy-efficient and economical as it eradicates the need to use artificial lights during the day, hence reducing power consumption.


The cost of glass roofing depends on the glass material and complexity of the design.

The installation of a glass roof and retractable awning in Singapore is already expensive. Maintenance is another addition to the expenses.

Compared to other roofing, such as wood, metal, and asphalt shingles, glass roofs are subpar when it comes to strength, durability, and impact resistance. A small crack in the glass requires the replacement of the entire frame with a new one. It needs regular maintenance to ensure safety, although many glasses today are much stronger than before.


The see-through quality of glass offers the illusion of space. If your property is small, installing a glass roof in Singapore will make the place look much bigger and less claustrophobic.

DISADVANTAGE: Condensation

Condensation may fog up the glass during rainy and cold weather, obscuring the view outside. It somehow beats the purpose of space illusion and aesthetics of glass roofing.

ADVANTAGE: Good for plants

 A glass roof is a perfect option for greenhouses and homes with a bunch of indoor plants. It provides enough sunlight for plants to thrive healthily.


 If you compare the insulating properties of the glass roof in Singapore to metal, wood, and shingle roofing, the glass roof is at the bottom of the list.

Glass roofing tends to retain heat during summers and be bone-chilling cold during winter or rainy days.

But glass manufacturers today are now improving the insulating properties of glass. There are glass materials today that significantly improved their thermal performance. It is better to ask a roofing contractor in Singapore for these glass materials.

ADVANTAGE: Aesthetics

Glass sports a modern look; look at the iconic structures mentioned earlier. Moreover, glass is a very flexible material to work on, especially from the interior design and architecture perspective. Glass complements any interior design trends.

Did you know that the Louvre Pyramid was built in 1989 whilst the Jewel l Changi Airport was opened in 2019? The 30 years difference proves that the glass’s charm and beauty are timeless.

Contact your roofing contractor for the glass roof and retractable awning in Singapore.



All roofs are prone to leakage, but what makes glass roofs leak? Firstly, most glass roofs are flat, unlike the typical tilted roof. During the rainy season, rainwater may pool on the roof’s flat surface. Besides the fact that it ruins the look of the glass roof in Singapore, it also increases the risk of leakage.

Secondly, glass panels that are not properly installed or not fitted to their frame or panel will cause leakage.

Proper installation and material are the keys to preventing leakage. Find a reliable roofing contractor in Singapore to ensure a leak-proof roof.

ADVANTAGE: Increased property value

Any property renovation or improvement increases property value. But if you want a drastic value boost, it is better to change your old roofing to a glass roof in Singapore.

The charm, beauty, and benefits make the glass roof appealing to home buyers. It is also the reason why many property owners invest in glass roofs.

If you are selling your house, you might want to consider upgrading its old roofing to glass. Ask your roofing and awning contractor in Singapore for recommendations and suggestions.


Access to natural light is a double-edged sword. As mentioned, it can reduce your power consumption during the day and allows indoor plants to thrive in the house. But also consider that you cannot cover the roof with sheer curtains and drapes to filter the natural light and provide shade.

The key is to ask your architect or interior designer about the most strategic place to place your glass roof in Singapore.

Furthermore, roofing contractors may offer sunshade systems to glass roof owners. These retractable sunshade systems run on electricity and are made of a taut fabric canopy.


Is the glass roof in Singapore for you? You can decide if it is worth it by weighing its advantages and disadvantages. But the continuous improvement of glass manufacturers today makes glass roofing a worthy investment, especially in the future.


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