How to choose the kitchen counters wisely?

Gone are the days of purchasing a house that you’ll live in for next forty years, without renovating it. These days, renovators and home buyers consider many aspects into mind while making even the smallest upgrades to their house, especially kitchen.  Searching for the ideal countertop doesn’t have to be tough. It needs to be based more on the requirements than just the aesthetic appeal. You need to spend quality time to research on different countertop materials to make an informed decision.

Find a good fit

Before selecting the trendiest style, you need to think about the practical and functionality of the kitchen surface you’re going to live in. For example, if you’ve small kids at home wherein you need to be making jelly sandwiches and peanut butter on daily basis, opting for white granite may not be a wiser choice. You need to consider few things while choosing countertops, such as color or style choices that should integrate with the overall décor, as well as its potential resale value, and ease of care and maintenance.

Countertop choices

Countertops come in granite, marble, quartz, tile, concrete, stainless steel, laminates, limestone, and recycled glass, etc.

Granite is the popular choice not only because it’s available in a variety of colors such as beiges, corals, greens, whites, and blacks, but also due to its shiny look and appearance. The cost of the granite varies as per the origin of the stone, finish, and color, etc. Moreover, it stands up well to heat and other daily wear and tear, such as splashes, knife marks.

Laminate is a very budget-friendly option that comes in range of textures, patterns, and colors. The highly stain resistant property makes it easy to clean and low maintenance material.

Marble gives a timeless and elegant look; it’s softer than granite and need greater care, as it’s quite delicate.

Engineered stone or quartz comes in a range of colors and patterns than natural stones. It’s naturally antibacterial and environmentally friendly due to its non-porous nature.

Wood countertops are easy to clean, but warm up a kitchen instantly. Availability of edges differs depending on countertop materials.

Look at the overall decorating scheme of the house and kitchen while choosing countertop material. Be it quartz, marble, granite or other, comptoir cuisine Cuisines Rosemere offers affordable, durable kitchen layout that can match your style and needs. Being in the industry for more than two decades, the firm has experts and passionate team of designers to create a beautiful kitchen that caters to all your needs.