Is A Security System In Singapore A Worthy Investment?

People, their knowledge, and their skills keep improving as time goes by. Through their enhanced capabilities, the technology merely keeps getting better. Advanced and innovative devices are available across the globe. It can provide the utmost convenience in the everyday lives of people. One of which is security systems. A security system in Singapore is now accessible to its citizens and their safety.

One thing is for sure: these systems can secure you, your family, and your home. But is a security system in Singapore worthy of investment?

Before getting one, it is essential to know the different types of security systems first.


Did you know that home burglary happens from 6 AM until 6 PM? Most of the time, they occur when the owner is at work. According to a study by the Police Force, they frequently enter through the front door of a house. Here are the different types of security systems you can have at home.



Monitored alarms are the most traditional security system available in Singapore. These security systems alarm the assigned personnel for your home, such as the nearest police department, a call centre, or local emergency authorities. They are connected to security systems nearby and can detect robbery, fire, and other emergencies.


Another type of home alarm security system in Singapore is the door access system. These systems can determine and detect persons who are allowed and prohibited to enter. Nowadays, innovative versions of door access systems are obtainable. Some of these are:

Keypad readers. A person must input a digit pin or passcode to unlock the door.

Swipe card readers. It requires specific key cards or badges to enter and exit through the door. These cards have specialised barcodes and magnetic strips that only the authorised owner has.

Biometric readers are probably the most expensive out of all the options. A biometric reader can come in the form of reading physical features, mobile control systems, or a fingerprint door access system.

RFID or smart lock door readers. It requires exclusive devices to gain access. You may use key cards, key fobs, or mobile credentials to unlock and enter.


An auto gate in Singapore is one way of keeping houses secure and safe. It’s a great investment for providing extra security to your driveway and home. Engineers and the designers of auto gates assure its consumers that auto gates are heavy, robust, and set firmly in place. No one can break your gates if you have an auto gate in Singapore. Criminals are off-limits for an auto gate as they are challenging to break into or climb over.

Some advanced auto gates also provide the necessary equipment that helps lock and unlock your gates. It may be through monitoring devices or a remote. And, you won’t have to worry once it runs out of life. You can always call an auto gate repair in Singapore.




CCTV or security cameras are relatively typical in Singapore. CCTV cameras are one effective tool to secure your home and family. The said security system in Singapore has the ability to capture footage, details, and the face of the intruder. You can help the local authorities instantly find and identify the criminal through the footage. It can also help with checking potential burglars in your community. You can rewatch the footage during your sleeping or working hours and check on who has been suspiciously eyeing your home.

Another benefit of installing CCTV cameras is their convenience. It’s on-the-go monitoring access. You can monitor your house anytime and anywhere, as long as the CCTV device is connected to your smartphone.


Video doorbells are another functional device that can safeguard your home. The security system in Singapore is like a CCTV camera, too. But with this device, you can hear, talk, and see the person in front of your door or gate. It gives you a live view of what and who is in front of your doorstep. Using this device can help you screen and assess visitors ringing your doorbell. Also, it can protect you when strangers try to talk and persuade you with something. Beware of some strangers. Some strangers can hypnotise a person just by talking to them.

Aside from a security system in Singapore, there are many ways to secure your house. For instance, hire a security guard, get door sensors, or get a K-9 or security dog.




If you feel safe and sound, you can achieve some peace of mind. You can sleep peacefully at night knowing that your security system in Singapore can help protect you. You can check what happened during your sleep or the period you were at work. The modern wireless security systems made nowadays are convenient for people. So, whether you are home or not, you can regularly monitor your doorstep or gate.


The primary and most significant reason why you must have a security system in Singaporeis for protection. As mentioned above, some developed devices have the capability to alarm local authorities during emergencies around the premises of your house. These unforeseen circumstances can be through fire, disasters, or burglary.


Did you know that 80% of burglary crimes are deterred by a facial or fingerprint door access system? Who would bother when facial or fingerprint recognition is required to enter? Having a security system in Singapore can prevent potential criminals from breaking into your home. Place visible signs of security and alarm systems outdoors to increase the chances of prevention. You may put CCTV cameras outside the door, your gates, and your backdoors. Never forget to place cameras on blind spots, too!


Some of these security systems may be costly, but they can secure your house and deter potential burglars. Now, heading back to answer your question. Is a security system in Singapore a worthy investment? It definitely is! It can help protect your valuables, home, you, your family, and your pet.

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