Is there a best time to sell your house?

Ready to sell? The best time to sell your house is just as critical as “location, location, location”.

Tips for Determining the Best Time to Sell a House

Pick the Right Month

To no surprise, spring is the best time to sell your house, but exactly when? Is there a best time? Yes. Think School. Most schools across the country let out of school for the summer in May. So, in the interest of making the most of a three-month break, home buyers rush out in the first half of May to see what they can buy.

If buyers don’t get into a house fast, finding a new house can cut into the kid’s new school year come fall. This sense of urgency drives the prices up and makes you (the seller) happy.

Pick the Right Day

Have you ever listed anything on Craigslist or Facebook? After a couple hours, your post or listing falls out of site, right? Listing are the same way on the MLS. That is why starting a listing around Thursday is better for getting he “Weekend hunters” when they are prepping for the Saturday drive of house hunting.

Starting a listing at other times can work also, because most people using an agent will scroll thru the listing to find what their buyer is looking for anyway, but timing your listing can keep the newbie agents from missing your house.

Sell Smart During the Off-Season

Although winter is not the favorite time to sell your house in the northern states, there are a few times in the winter that can be fruitful for the southern states. Over the last three years, January has been very productive month in the southern states. Like summer break, Christmas holiday is another time in the south that allows buyers to get out, buy a house and move while the kids are out of school.

If your home is in a challenging climate, you can still sell successfully during fall or winter. Make the most of the season by staging your home so that it’s warm, cozy, and inviting for homebuyers. Outside, rake those leaves or shovel that snow. There may be fewer buyers looking, but there will also be fewer sellers listing, making your tidy home stand out.

Factor in Your Own Timing

Your own timing has to come into play at some point. Selling your house is usually caused by a change in your life. If that happens in an off month (like September or November), you may have no choice but to roll with what is handed to you.

Although if you are moving because of an outside force, chances are that someone else is too. As soon as you find out that you have to move, start looking in your destination area. You may be able to find someone moving the same time you are and can coordinate the sale of your house.

You may also, be able to list your house early and find a willing buyer that will let you stay in the house until it’s time for you to move.

Look for some direct home buyers in your area to see what they can offer. Many professional home buyers can buy your house now and let you stay in the house until you are ready to leave.

Good Luck