Major Additions For Your Backyard

At home, we spend a great deal of our time indoors, which is why not many homeowners think of the backyard first when considering making home renovations. However, upgrading your backyard can be just as fruitful as renovating the house itself. More than that, making major additions to your outdoor space can motivate the entire family to spend more time outside in nature, breathing in the fresh air.

Not all backyard upgrades are made equal, and you may find it challenging to choose an upgrade that will increase your property value along with enhancing your quality of life. Thus, we’ve come up with some of the best major backyard upgrades that you can choose from.

A hot tub

Building a hot tub in your backyard is one of the best lifestyle upgrades there is. If you don’t have enough room for a pool, a hot tub is your next best option for a space to enjoy being in the water, with the benefit of having your body massaged by powerful jets. If you want to have a spa-like experience without leaving home, look into Bullfrog spa dealers near you and check out numerous customized hot tubs that can fit your needs.

A pool

Having a large backyard presents the opportunity of building a pool, be it an in-ground or above-ground one. If you live in an area where the weather will allow you to make the most out of a pool for the majority of the year, why not take advantage of the space you have?

A pool is a great place to hang out, bask in the sun, and get some good ol’ cardio. Not only that, but building a pool in your backyard can increase your property value and make it more attractive to buyers when you decide to sell in the future. Although the initial cost can be hefty, a pool can offer great ROI and provide the major lifestyle upgrade that you deserve.

An outdoor kitchen

Make your family dinners and backyard parties more interesting with an outdoor kitchen. Here, you can cook large amounts of food without worrying about the smell taking over the house nor the mess being too much to handle. Building an outdoor kitchen also expands your living space, reduces utility bills, and saves money on restaurant meals.

The basic outdoor kitchen consists of a stovetop, a grill, and a sink. However, you can add upgrades for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience, such as a built-in refrigerator, an icebox, a pizza oven, and even a bar.

A gazebo

Adding a gazebo to your backyard is another excellent way to expand your living space. What’s more is that gazebos come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you can choose a design that fits your needs and spatial restrictions perfectly.

A gazebo can be considered a major upgrade to a property, but it’s not overly expensive, contrary to popular belief. Depending on the design, size, and material, you can build a gazebo for around $2,000 to $4,000 or even less than that.

A shed

If you don’t have a shed yet, consider adding one to your outdoor space. Although a shed serves a more functional purpose than recreational, it’s a great addition to any home.

The main function of a shed is to store all sorts of items that you don’t have space for in the garage or the attic. With a shed, you can keep things like garden tools, seasonal equipment, and unused furniture out of sight until it’s time to bring them out again. If you are an avid green thumb, having a shed can also give you a space to store your tools and keep them safe from the elements while keeping them within easy reach.

An outdoor fire pit

A fire pit is a simple upgrade that you can make to your backyard, yet it brings in a great ROI and serves as an excellent spot to congregate with friends and family during cool evenings. If you want to emulate the fun of camping right in your very own backyard, a fire pit is the first upgrade you should consider. However, you have to ensure that the fire pit is at a safe distance away from any other structure to prevent it from becoming a fire hazard.

This is not an exhaustive list of what major upgrades you can make to your backyard, but these are, by far, the most worthwhile for the majority of homeowners. If you want to spruce up your outdoor space with a major addition, these are the upgrades that you may want to consider first.