Pool Items You Need To Maintain Your Pool

You can find a wide range of pool items that are essential for great home pool maintenance. If you’re looking for high quality pool products for your existing pool or spa, there are plenty of suppliers that stock the leading brands of pool products for commercial and domestic use. Grab your essentials today for a good pool service jupiter fl!

Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are the key to keep your filtration system going. Our pool pumps run efficiently and smoothly, keeping your pool crystal clear. 

Pool Filters

Filters get rid of the nasties in your pool, keeping your water clean and healthy. Our wide range of pool filters and accessories ensure your water is clean from muck and debris. Choose between

Sand pool filters: these work by pushing the water through a bed of sand, which filters out any impurities in the water. You’ll need to backwash a sand pool filter once every 4 to 6 weeks, and these filters are low maintenance and durable 

Cartridge pool filters: these work by pushing water through filter material. This uses less water compared to sand filters, and needs to be cleaned and backwashed regularly. You can hose debris out of the cartridge element. 

Pool Chlorinators

Home pool maintenance requires you to keep your pool clean and sanitised by using chemicals like chlorine. Prevent the growth of harmful bacteria by investing in a chlorinator, which takes the guesswork out of keeping your pool clean. 

Automated pool chlorinators: these attach to the pool filtration system and release chlorine into the water as necessary. 

Salt pool chlorinators: these turn the salt in your pool into a natural form of chlorine, giving you a clean and healthy pool with less chemicals. These also tend to be more cost-effective as compared to chlorinated pools.

Find a business that stock some of the best known and respected brands such as Astral, Waterco, Autoclear, Chloromatic, Saltigem, and Zodiac pool chlorinators.

Pool Heaters

Finding a range of pool heating systems that keep your pools at a comfortable temperature year-round can be difficult, but so worth it so you can enjoy your pool no matter what time of the year!

Pool Cleaners

After easy care and maintenance? Our high quality robotic pool cleaners from leading brands such as Dolphin pool cleaner, Zodiac, Astral, Hayward, and Kreepy Krauly keep your pools debris-free and crystal clear.

Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals are a staple in home pool maintenance. Pool shops such as Pool Assist have got the full range of pool chemical supplies to help you keep your pool or spa clean, healthy, and ready for swimming. 

Chemigm Pool Controls

Keeping your pool chemicals at the right levels is key to a healthy and clear pool. It’s important to keep it at the standard, as low levels lessen the efficiency of your chemicals, leading to unhygienic water. Chemical levels that are too high can end up irritating your skin and eyes. 

Chemigem pool controls are there to make it easy to keep on top of your chemicals. This convenient, automated system lets you focus on enjoying your pool.

Pool Covers 

You can find a wide range of leading brand pool covers that reduce chemical evaporation, lower heating costs, and minimise dirt and debris in your pool.