Research the top 5 timber decking options and make an informed decision 

Many people like to build an attractive timber deck within their budget. They have decided to invest in natural timber for enhancing their property in terms of overall attractiveness and value. It is the appropriate time for exploring the best-in-class nature of timbers for decking. You can consider everything about the timber decking in different aspects and make a good decision about how to fulfill expectations about the timbers selection and shopping within the budget. The following details explain your top 5 timbers for decking and guide you to make positive changes in your way to find and invest in the appropriate timber.

  1. Jarrah 

Jarrah is an outstanding timber and known for its expensive price when compared to other decking timbers. This timber is a good option for anyone who likes to use the beautiful colored timber range from the dark brows and red can prefer and invest in the jarrah. Many property owners worldwide are happy to use the Jarrah timbers for their decking projects.

They keep in mind that jarrah turns pleasing grey over time when it is left unsealed. The durability rating of this material for decking is 2. This rating is good for decking. The fire-resistant nature of this material is recommended for use in fire-prone places.

  1. Treated pine

Treated pine is the popular decking timber as it is the least expensive timber for decking and is known for its outstanding appearance. It takes paint or stain well. Everyone with an expectation to make their deck any color they like can buy and use this timber. The hazard rating H tells whether the timber is appropriate for outdoor use and the posts available in contact with the ground. This is advisable to choose and buy pine timber with the right H rating for the decking, posts, joists, and other components.

  1. Merbau 

Merbau is a well-known timber decking Australia and available with a durable rating of 2 and insect resistant nature. It is least expensive than other decking timbers on the market. The maximum Merbau comes from the Southeast Asian rainforests. You have to look for sustainably harvested Merbau and make certain how to invest in suitable timber for decking.

  1. Spotted Gum 

Spotted gum is the same as blackbutt and jarrah in various aspects. This timber is a good choice for bushfire-prone places. This material has a durability rating of 2. It is usually grown in Australia and recognized for its very good environmental standpoint. The best color variations of this timber range from pale brown to chocolate brown give you enough assistance to pick and buy the suitable timber.

  1. Blackbutt 

Blackbutt is an Australian native timber and recognized for its lovely pale brown color and highly fire-resistant nature. The color of this timber is fairly consistent, unlike other native timber species. It can be stained when desired. It can crack when left unsealed. Every user of this timber is advised to seal it properly and reseal it periodically as per their needs.