The Right Toilet for All the Choices

Essential sanitary equipment in your home, the toilet does not only pose installation constraints in terms of evacuation. The choice is not always easy with a wide range of models offered on the market. If the functions and the material used in the design are the same, the same cannot be said for the design and style. In such conditions, it is necessary to take into account several criteria so as not to be mistaken when purchasing. How to choose a toilet that is both practical and impeccable in terms of its aesthetics? This article, which is meant to be a guide, answers this crucial question by providing reliable information on this essential sanitary equipment. In search of the best toilets you need the best choices now.

Toilet bathroom

Toilets are available in a variety of styles. You can therefore opt for a classic, contemporary or even retro toilet model if they are to be installed in a capital room such as the bathroom, favor elegance and therefore high-end. To be in tune with the current trend in this area, opt for colors such as pastel, clear or even white. These are the colors that have the advantage of creating a perfect symbiosis with the rest of the decor. Bear in mind that style and range are two elements on the basis of which prices are for toilets are set. So for example, you will have to pay more for a model with an original color and design.

Toilet installation

When buying your toilet , you must put special emphasis on essential criteria such as comfort and ease of maintenance. But not only. Other factors must be taken into account in order to optimize your choice. This is particularly the case with the sound level of the flush, the reliability of the float valve and the dual-control push button when it exists, the robustness of the float valve and many others.

For certain types of ceramic, it is important to check that these have been the subject of an anti-limescale and anti-adhesive treatment. This verification is necessary insofar as it allows you to have a precise idea of ​​the characteristics of your toilets: better resistance over time and simple maintenance. Also make sure that the connection to the drainage system of the chosen model does not pose a problem not only in use but also in assembly.

What types of toilets to choose?

There is a wide choice of types of toilet on the market. Depending on your budget and personal tastes, you choose:

  • An independent toilet which has the advantage of being more direct. However, it is necessary to plan the purchase of a bowl by opting for this model of toilet.
  • An impeccable wall-hung toilet in terms of discretion and elegance. It is a model that is a real plus for your interior decoration.
  • A monobloc free-standing toilet which is fitted with a bowl and a tank. This avoids you, for example, leakage problems.
  • A toilet to be posed with adjoining bowl which is the most widespread model because of its multiple advantages.

A chemical toiletknown to be the most autonomous

A children’s toilet which, as its name suggests, is perfectly suited for the little ones. It is a model that seduces with the security it offers and its remarkable ergonomics.