Get the most out of your small kitchen with clever storage!

If the world was perfect, your kitchen would be open, full of space, and always tidy.

That might be the case for you already, but for many of us – our kitchens aren’t quite as big, open and tidy as we’d like.

In this perfect world, your kitchen would also be organised, allowing for productivity when preparing food, cleaning, or entertaining guests. Everything would have a place – and everyone would know where things go.

But sometimes, you’ll find you have a small kitchen with storage that leaves a little to be desired. It’s not so bright, airy or open and the bench space is minimal. You would give anything for an extra shelf in your pantry or another drawer or two.

When your small kitchen is tight on storage, and you don’t have any room to spare for a new island bench or any extravagant renovations for extra space – it’s time to get creative.

In our hunt for the best ways to declutter your world, we’ve uncovered some of the best small kitchen storage ideas to really maximise that space – and conquer the dread of being in a small kitchen.

Here are 10 of our favourite small kitchen storage ideas to help you get the most out of your space – whether it’s small and compact, or a huge, open Hamptons-style mansion!

1. Use forgotten areas of your kitchen

Look around your kitchen! We guarantee that you’ll find unused, vacant space begging to be used. Even in a small kitchen, often there is dead space to be found and better utilised. Identify spots at the end of your kitchen bench or on the walls where there’s wasted space. You may find that space is absolutely perfect for hanging utensils – and is often in exactly the right place: right next to the stove.

You can take this concept and apply it to all the free flat surfaces in your kitchen. Hang pots and pans near the stove on dead wallspace, or baskets for fruit above the bench top.

2. Hide clutter in a clever way

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your small kitchen is to hide excess clutter in a clever way. We often have a lot of different items in our pantry that end up buried at the very back, never to be seen again.

Using door-mounted racks inside your pantry door is a great way to display your range of spices, bottles and jars in an innovative and space-conscious way.

Already have a hanging shoe organiser that isn’t being used? Repurpose it and hang in over your pantry door for a quick fix to display your spice range.

Or find a long term, stylish solution, and put your spices on display with a subtly elegant spice rack.

3. Invest in stackable airtight clear containers

Invest in some good quality airtight clear containers to keep your pantry uniformly neat and organised. Not only will it look great for your Insta post, but it makes it easy to keep tabs on the items you are running low on, that need to go on your next shopping list. Having your pantry sorted in such a way helps avoid doubling up on items you already have, and reduces excess clutter. Soko& Co has a range of clear containers which are not only airtight to keep your pantry items fresh, but are also stackable to make the most of your minimal kitchen space.

4. Label your containers

Labelling your containers makes it easier to locate items in your kitchen, and ensure you don’t confuse salt with sugar. A label maker is a great and quick way to tag your pantry containers, but if you have some time to spare, get creative with your labels for a more personalised and artistic spin. If you are rushed for time but are still looking for labels with a clean designer look that will be sure to impress your guests, check out these beautiful labels from Pretty Little Designs.

5. Colour code your containers

While using uniform containers will make your pantry look neat and organised, a splash of colour is always a great way to spice things up. A simple way to do this is to buy containers that have different colour lids and organise your dry goods based on the colours. For a more exciting and vibrant option, the Marbella Kitchen Canister collection would make a perfect addition to your new kitchen arrangement.

6. Designate a spot for everything

Organise your pantry in an optimised way that works best for you. Place items that you use most often in a spot that is easily accessible, and those you use less frequently in a higher position. It is important to designate a spot for everything and to make sure that items go back to its original location after use. Just like everything else, getting used to your new kitchen format and organisation will take time, but we promise it will be well worth it in the long run. 

7. Use the space above your fridge

When reorganising your small kitchen, another often overlooked spot for potential extra storage is the space above your fridge. Think about adding a shelf at the top of your fridge to create more room for items you use less frequently, like cookbooks. Not only can this be a decorative addition to your kitchen, but it can also provide extra storage. Our Botany Rectangular Seagrass Baskets can give you a stylish complementary look to this concept if you would prefer your items be hidden for a polished finish.

8 . Drawer organiser

Do you have a drawer full of miscellaneous utensils that you have to dig through to find your favourite spatula? Use cutlery trays to keep everything sorted and organised. Soko& Co have a large collection of drawer organisers that can help keep your utensils categorised in different sizes.

9. Magnetic knife holder

A magnetic knife holder is another great way to declutter your drawers. A magnetic strip can be mounted just about anywhere in your kitchen, whether it’s on the side of your fridge or on your kitchen counter wall. Ensure they are up nice and high out of reach of the kids, and it is an easy way to display your knives and keep them sharp at the same time.

10. Rolling Shelves

A good option for renters, or for those looking for a less permanent option, are small, discreet shelving units on wheels. This way, nothing needs to be mounted to the walls, but you can enjoy additional shelving space. Not only is it perfect for extra storage, but it can be moved around to other rooms to make space in the kitchen when you don’t need it.

Here at Soko and Co, we’re all about helping you declutter your world. We’re huge fans of homes that are neat, organised and practical. We are pleased to bring you everything you need to make those dreams a reality, offering premium solutions for all your home storage ideas and organisational concerns. Enjoy your home, the way it is intended to be. Clever decluttering,let us help you with it.