How You Can Take Advantage of Smart Home Automation .

Top 5 Advantages & Disadvantages of Smart-Home Automation

Certain tech devices in the present make us say we are at the peak of innovation. But the fact is, the realm of technology is ever-evolving. Today’s inventions might be just stepping stones toward much greater things.

The same case as before when computers were the size of a big room—ENIAC—the first-ever electronic computer for general purposes, basically for computing. But these times, smart devices are easily pocket-sized and used for almost any kind of purpose.

Not a Luxury, But Necessity

Technology is ever-dynamic, aiming for the better, tinkering what’s unthinkable for the non-tech savvy minds. Who knows what great next revolutionary invention we are to witness? Perhaps, we’re nearer than we know to what we see in sci-fi movies.

What we can do now is take advantage of the presently available gadgets to make our lives easier. Just as smartphones are handy and have now become a necessity, smart home automation, too, has become not an option or luxury for many homes but a necessity. 

The Top Smart Assistants: Alexa, Siri, and Google

Alexa, Siri, and Google assistants are the most commonly used smart assistants worldwide. The three are mostly compared since they are the main competitors for household automation.

Amazon has Alexa, Google has Google Assistant, and Apple has Siri, which gained their users’ trust in different ways. More voice bots will be coming, but for now, these three stay at the top.

Siri proves to be the first voice bot invented. It was made an application in 2010 by Stanford Research Institute. It was then introduced to the world in 2011, although with limited functions. Over time, it improved as to be integrated with third-party applications.

Amazon launched Alexa in 2014 with its Echo smart speaker. Just say Alexa, and you can then order products from Amazon, search on the web, or act as a hub for compatible devices.

On the other hand, Google Assistant was created in 2016 by Google to serve as a conversational voice bot. It can be used via different gadgets such as smart speakers, phones, computers, etc. Google Assistant may be the smartest since it has more sources of information to analyze and improve.

What works best for you depends on your Control4 smart home services. One thing’s for sure—with just one waking up word, they let you control all or most of the electronic devices of your home. Aside from voice assistants, you can use smart home automation, which you can control via voice and other means.

A Few Benefits of Smart Home Automation

Once you’ve tried using smart home automation and understand how useful it is, there’s no turning back. If you haven’t yet used it, here are some reasons you should:

Smart electronic devices are conveniently controlled in one interface, anywhere

Any smart home system and products such as TV, speakers, lights, refrigerators, and thermostats can be managed using one interface. Using one device such as a tablet or smartphone, you can already control all your smart home devices.

In or out of your home, even if you’re still yet in the office, you can monitor and manage your home devices, whether it be turning on or off indoor and outdoor lights, checking the surveillance camera footage, or controlling thermostats.

This is a great step toward utmost convenience for home management. All you need is to familiarize the functions and devices in your smartphone,  tablet, or any device you use for control. 

Easier integration of new appliances and devices to the system

You need not worry about any new appliances and devices you add to your home since smart home automation can easily adapt them to the system.

Time may come you want to replace your electronic appliances with the updated ones. If so, you can seamlessly integrate these new ones into your smart home system, making it easier for you to keep up with any new releases of lifestyle technology.

Energy can be efficiently managed

Especially if you want to lower your energy bills, you might want to manage your lighting, heating, and cooling appliances. The best way to do this is to use smart home automation to pre-program your thermostat to energy-saving temperatures.

You can auto-shut or on electronic devices, such as lighting, for convenience and safety. Even while you’re still walking toward your home, you can turn on your lights and all the other electronic appliances before you go inside.

All Your Needs in One Device

Many people use smart home automation for efficiency, convenience, comfort, peace of mind, and customization. Get into the bandwagon and see for yourself.