Why Homeowners should choose professional Locksmith services?

Each year thousands of London homeowners call a local London locksmith. They are the smart ones. They have often learned the hard way to put their home’s security in the hands of a professional.

Then there are the thousands of others who rush down to a hardware store, buy a cheap lock, go on the internet learning how to install it, and leave their homes wide open for burglars and intruders to save a few dollars.

Why is calling a professional essential? 

First, typical hardware locks are practically worthless for security. Non-Professional grade locks are a major problem. Locks are graded in terms of bolt strength, the ability to withstand force from a burglar’s impact, and testing the strike plates. Buying cheap lock hardware means a burglar can quickly open your lock with a swift kick in the right place or a swing at the lock with a sledgehammer. 

The bolts of cheap locks will often snap easily with this method. Nearly 25 percent of London locks are snapped in this way, usually in as little as 30 seconds. 

Attacking the strike plate 

The strike plate is the metal plate affixed to a door jamb with holes or holes for the bolt of the door. When the door is closed, the bolt extends into the hole in the strike plate and holds the door closed.

Strike plates are held together with small screws, typically around 1.9 centimeters in length. It is good to hold the door together in normal circumstances, but a kick, a sledgehammer, or a crowbar can tear the screws of the strike plate apart.

By installing a strike plate with large, 7.5-centimeter screws, your door will hold.

To put large screws into the strike plate, you’ll need a professional locksmith cincinnati oh and lock kit, and you will rarely find those at the local hardware store.

A professional locksmith will also insist on the security of your door hinges. 

The way it is done is reversing the way your door swings. Instead of the front door swinging open, towards the burglar, the door swings open inward, toward the interior of the house. It takes 10 times as difficult for a burglar to break in the house.


Security professionals are also frequently called to rekey the home after a tenant has left or someone you do not trust gains access to a key. They wonder whether they should change their locks or not.

Modern locks have pins within them that can be changed so that when the lock is rekeyed, it’s mostly a new lock. And don’t trust anyone but a professional with a stellar reputation for integrity because many quick buck lock companies will try to sell you a new lock.

The security of your home is no joke. A burglar or a team of burglars can make off with a couple of thousand pounds worth of goodies in under 2 minutes. And they rarely get caught.

London Locksmith 24h is both your emergency and your security lock professional in London. No matter if it’s 3 a.m. or after work, we can be to your location within about 20 minutes, practically anyplace in London.

Our lock professionals are bonded, certified, and we offer a guarantee on our services. We generally install Banham, Yale, ERA, and Ingersol locks, which meet the strict standards of British Home Insurance Companies. 

Call our local security professional to fully examine your home lock situation and avoid burglary problems, which plague so many London Homeowners.